January 2015 ARRLVHF Contest

Bob W4ZST, Fourlanders President

The FourLanders did the Jan contest from the W4ZST QTH as usual. Unfortunately the gods of propagation never were informed that it was a contest weekend. We have probably found our lowest score in the clubs history. Kept refreshing the prop map as it stayed colorless over the entire country and we thought maybe it just hadn't loaded! Well, it was correct and stayed blank.

10 GHz11
Total Score: 14,364

We pulled out some of the extra microwave gear to make Q's with our own ops, but another highlight that helped with the score was 5 Q's on 6m FSK441, 7 Q's on 2m EME and 6 Q's on 432 EME using WSJT. Those sure helped us with the boredom factor as there wasn't much else to do around here and those additional grids made a large difference in our total score. We worked Italy and Russia on 2m EME in addition to a few stateside stations and on 432 we worked Switzerland, Russia, England, Germany and one US station. We finally have some experience with WSJT EME operation.

Operators for the contest were: Bob Lear W4ZST, Ron Rogers WW8RR, Scott Spencer NN4W, Kim Hensley WG8S, Sherman Banks W4ATL, Dennis 'Kos' Kosmetatos N4NIA, Johnny Kludt K4SQC, Bill Pence KI4US & Ivan White K4VJM. 7 ops spent Saturday night here at the house. We had a lot of visitors too: Aaron Conaway KK4EHJ, Renee Conaway KK4LOJ, Jerry Long W5TDY, Weymouth Walker K8EAB, Brian Henderson K1XY, Robin Huckaby WB4GKI, Mike Stipick KC4RI, Joe Boone KJ4JBG & Frankie Womack W4BJT. We missed some of our regulars who had conflicts for this contest.

As usual we ate well, starting with Rooster's in Dahlonega where we had 13 folks in the group meet and eat there before the contest started on Saturday. Saturday night we had some fine Brisket from 'Hickory Prime' BBQ along with beans and slaw. We had pancakes and sausage for breakfast on Sunday and chili dogs and chips for lunch. We skipped supper on Sunday evening as we were still full and getting tired. We did quit at 10PM instead of staying for the last hour of the (dead!) contest. Thanks to those folks who brought cookies and snacks to share with the group.

Thanks to Kim and Johnny for bringing the AIM analyzers and Wey for taking some video of the operation and to all those who operated, visited and helped with the last minute antenna setup. I'll post the link when Wey finishes the video and if anyone took pix that they can post be sure to send a note to the 4L reflector for all to see them.

Thanks and 73, Bob

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